INVEST-PARTNERS – 125% in 24 hours

Briefly about the Project:

INVEST-PARTNERS-Investing in property rental has proven to create wealth for those who take the initiative and decide to invest. What's nice to invest in cash flow properties with a key is that you invest in an asset that is a fundamental need in life. People will always need a home and will always rent or own property. Unlike equities and bonds, real estate is a tangible asset – it cannot disappear overnight as the potential value of a company's shares.


  • Our contribution: 500 rub
  • Start: 05.01.2019 
  • --------------------------------------------
  • + 125% in 24 hours.
  • --------------------------------------------
  • Minimum deposit amount: 30 Rub
  • Minimum amount for Payment: 1 rub
  • Ref. Program 5%
  • Payment and payment for EPS Payeer (automatic)

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