Harsh reality.

Harsh reality



So, friends, almost all the time of my activity as a monitoring I keep hearing about the same thing, namely: "I, put in a hyip blah-blah invest 5-10-15 thousand rubles, waiting for payment, and it is all in processing and processing, the administration promises To pay/Blocked account and access to group/ask to pass verification, having provided copies of all possible documents, wait 7 days and then promise to withdraw. So, as it is not unfortunate, but in all the above-described cases of money you will not see unequivocally, and the most insulting, that the guilt in this is yours, or comrade, who has steamed you this HYIP in Licku with the words: "Superpupermegproekt pays 100%" (personally, I do not understand the steaming Projects in the personal, more precisely I understand the reasons of this phenomenon, but, as for me, occupation it is very dirty, in any hyip it is impossible to be sure on 100, 1%, even in, seemingly, project from the verified admin, with all preparcels to work, anything can happen. Monitoring, in my understanding, only timely informs about the situation in this or that HYIP, but does not drag people with words: yes come in, throw more, everything will be super...) A little distracted, so, regarding the large deposits, let's consider the reasons why in the HYIP under 10-50% a day ago you almost never get:

1) in similar highways almost always there is a Nehilaya Nakkrutka, and the real balance is often so much different from what you observe on a site. Adminas simply unprofitable to withdraw large sums, because 2-3 of such payments without reinvestment can sometimes reset the balance of the HYIP, and this, as you know, leads to the final race or a restarter (the essence of the same thing for the last invested);


2) banal greed, admin worked-worked, saw the contribution of 10-15 thousand rubles. Imagine how much he needs to collect deposits of 200-500 rubles to the expense of the Admin Commission (usually 10%) Earn the same amount. That's right, Dofiga. And then the purse itself came...

3) Very often projects work very long, withdrawing small sums, but clamping Krupnyak, as though Merzkovato it did not sound, but your big deposits go on payments to more informed depositors who quietly quietly spin the 500-1 000 rubles, at the expense of this all Such projects and work very long terms under, by usual standards, ogromennye interest. From the moral point of view-yes, rubbish. But this is the reality, with them we either make peace and become the most knowledgeable investors, or merge everything finally and hammer in such projects.

And now the conclusions:

1) in projects under 10-50% per day invest amounts not exceeding 2 thousand rubles-if the project from a fairly well-known admin and well promoted, in other cases, the limit-1 000 rubles per contribution. Interest allows you to earn pretty penny and with a small deposit, and if there is still a couple of three timid hyip-can come out quite


2) The exception can be quite good projects with fractional marketing by type: 200% of the deposit for 10 days, accrual of 10% per day, in such times and depositors, who invested in 3-4 thousand get stable, but still I do not recommend so risky, the limit-2 thousand rubles;

3) If you are in the highways very recently, the sums should be even less, in order to get accustomed to understand what is what;

4) for large deposits are more suitable so-called middle-income-quality projects with a yield of up to 60%

per month. In them, as a rule, as long as the HYIP itself works, payments are made to all, regardless of the value of the deposit (within reasonable limits)

I hope that this mini-Stateika will be useful to you and, having read the words, you'll be prudent and not throw amounts of 10-15 thousand in the projects described here.

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